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Uniform Policy

Tyrrell Elementary School is a uniform school. Students are expected to wear uniforms every day.

TOPS – White with a collar (polo shirt, blouse)

BOTTOMS ­– Tan (pants, shorts, jumpers, or skirts with shorts underneath)

OUTERWEAR – Black (sweaters, sweatshirts)

Wearing a uniform to school instills a sense of community, unity, and school pride. In addition, uniforms contribute to the overall safety of Tyrrell.

FREE DRESS DAY – Is the last Friday of every month.

The dress code includes the following:

  • All clothing must be free of drug, alcohol or tobacco slogans, gang-related or obscene/suggestive language. Violent or inappropriate pictures or drawings are not allowed.
  • Pants and skirts must fit around the waist and be worn appropriately. No sag or low-rise clothing, no baggie pant legs, no short shorts (must be no more than 2 fingers above the knee), or extra long pants. Over-sized pants and pajamas are not allowed.  (Pajamas might be permitted if previously scheduled as a school spirit day, sponsored by our Student Council. They are to be worn over regular clothing.)
  • Safe shoes for running and jumping need to be worn. No open toed sandals or shoes/boots with a heel.
  • Spaghetti straps, tube tops, half shirts, and fishnets shirts may not be worn. Tanks tops with the strap at least 3 fingers wide are allowed.

Thank you for your support in maintaining the best learning environment possible.